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Ever wanted to design your own Chupa Chup? Chupa Chups Maker walks you through the process of creating a Chupa Chup from selecting the flavour, decorating the wrapper, and inserting the stick.
Once you create it you can share it with your friends.
: Games
: 4+
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: Boys & Girls
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: No

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positive hand Chupa Chups Maker Dad Likes
It was interesting to walk through a very simplified Chupa Chup creation process even though our Chupa Chup designs turned out looking very similar to the ones on the shelves in stores.
negative hand Chupa Chups Maker Dad DisLikes
You will create one, and then probably want to delete the app. There are in-app purchases of up to $6 that just seem pointless.
We even tested this app on a 3 year old with a passion for Chupa Chups and she was bored by it. It just isn’t an engaging app.
box tip Chupa Chups Maker Dad Tips
Don’t buy any of the in-app purchases before using the app at least once.
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