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Jelly Splash is a nice take on the Bejewelled and Candy Crush style games. You are presented with a grid layout of jelly’s of varying bright colours. Points are earned by selecting as many jelly’s as possible in a line, and the good news is you can select diagonals. Various game modes and over 150 levels (and more to come) will keep you engaged.
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positive hand Jelly Splash Dad Likes
Its a fun, enjoying, and kind of addictive game. Its simple to play, even the youngest of children will be able to pick it up and progress through the early stage of the game.
The game gets a little more challenging though as you are restricted to the number of moves you are allowed in order to earn the points required to progress.
negative hand Jelly Splash Dad DisLikes
In-app purchases of a couple of dollars are standard in these sorts of games…but Jelly Splash takes it to a new level with a $99 in-app purchase of coins. $99!
box tip Jelly Splash Dad Tips
If you haven’t turned off in-app purchases you have to for this app, you should. Being exposed to a single purchase of $99 is not good for children of any age.
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