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WhatsApp Messenger replicates the native functionality of modern phones, giving you access to sending voice, photo, video, and text messages over a data connection instead of cellular.
The app is free, however after a year you are required to pay approx $1 per year.
When you create a WhatsApp account on your device it requires you to enter in your phone number which is validated by a code sent in an SMS or phone call. The app uses your contacts list to display a list of people who are WhatsApp users and those who aren’t.
This app has an age restriction of 4+ which is a lot lower than most other messenger apps.
: Social Networking
: 17+
: Internet Open
: Internet  + WiFi
: Boys & Girls
: No
: No
: No

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positive hand WhatsApp Messenger Dad Likes
Who can argue with no ads, free for the first year, and only $1 for each subsequent year.
We found it incredibly easy to setup and use this app, it really was as simple as entering a phone number, entering an sms verification code, allowing a quick import of our contacts and we were sending messages in no time.
Thankfully we have had no issues with unsolicited messages using this app.
This app requires the device to be an iPhone and nothing we could do to get around this worked so those of you with only iPods and iPads will miss out…but that could be a good thing if you were concerned about your child wanting this app.
negative hand WhatsApp Messenger Dad DisLikes
An age rating of 4+ seems crazy, but I guess the assumption is that if you are trusting your 4 year old with an iPhone you probably trust them to send a message or two.
Whilst this app seems a little more targeted towards adults than children it is still easy to add contacts and reach out beyond a trusted group. This app is open to the world which means if you can send unsolicited messages, you can also receive them. An internet search for “WhatsApp contacts” doesn’t result in the countless amount of contacts that “Kik usernames” does, so it seems just a little bit more secure than Kik.
box tip WhatsApp Messenger Dad Tips
With the age category being surprisingly low, there isn’t a lot you can do to lock down access to this app.
One thing we thought was interesting was that you can restore messages from an icloud backup, so if you have some concerns about what your child is sending or receiving you might be able to restore a backup to go back and look at previous messages that have been sent, received, or deleted.
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