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Tasty Tadpoles is a fun games for both boys and girls of all ages. It’s a fairly simple swipe puzzle game. The object of each puzzle is to swipe a path for the tadpole to safety. There are obstacles in the form of larger tadpoles that want to eat you. Even this is a quick action and you are quickly restarted and nothing to be concerned about. As you progress past each level the paths become harder and there different modifiers to assist your escape.
: Games
: 4+
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positive hand Tasty Tadpoles Dad Likes
I really like that after you pay for Tasty Tadpoles there no other InApp purchases required. No limitations built in to get your kids to pester you for a credit of some sort. You get the full game when buying Tasty Tadpoles.
negative hand Tasty Tadpoles Dad DisLikes
Overall it is hard to fault this app. My only comment is that it may not hold the attention span of younger kids who might hit a wall when solving puzzles. We’ve given this a 4+ for minimum age but children 6+ would play this longer.
box tip Tasty Tadpoles Dad Tips
Have a go of Tasty Tadpoles parents. It’s a great game for you and the kids to challenge each other at! Best of all this is a great app for kids.
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