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Stickman Downhill is downhill mountain bike riding game. The idea in this game is that you take your “stickman” and downhill race. There are dangers on each track and as you progress through the game you are presented with more ways to crash. You can also earn more bikes as well as open up more tracks/levels.
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I really like how Stickman Downhill is not all about the in-app purchases. You can play this game and level up to open more of the game. I also like that the in-app purchase screen in Stickman Downhill is sort of buried in the experience. This means less of a chance for an accidental click. There is a perky alert that prompts you to buy new bike but is easily dismissible.
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My only real issue with Stickman Downhill is in the game engine itself. When you are riding your bike you can do these huge jumps but when the danger sign approaches you all of a sudden have a higher chance of crashing.
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Stickman Downhill is a simple game which can provide your child with entertainment. It’s similarity to other bike games makes it easy to pick up and play.
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